Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Washington D.C.

We arrived after an hour and a half delay in Dallas due to weather. Sadly, by the time we arrived, we missed our Pentagon tour. We were able to go in and see the front entrance at least! We have had so much fun and seen so many unforgettable things. God has really blessed us with safety and many good opportunities. Yesterday, we visited Arlington National Cemetery and saw the changing of the guards and thousands of tombstones that represented the lives of heroes who were willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for our great nation.

Today, we saw the White House. We had been there about ten minutes when the police came and shut the street down entirely. We noticed earlier that there were several limousines in front of the White House. We later found out that the President was being moved to the FBI building via the limos that we saw. We did see a motorcade but did not have confirmation that it was the president. We were very thankful that we were able to see and photograph the White House before it was shut down. Next was the visitor center of the White House. We then went to the Smithsonian American History museum. We saw the Star Spangled Banner which was enormous! What a privilege to have been able to see such an old national treasure. There were other amazing pieces of our history including the original Kermit the Frog, Dorothy's red shoes and a Stradivarius violin!

After the American History Museum we visited the National Portrait Gallery that contained all of the paintings of the presidents as well as many other beautiful works of art. Next was Ford's Theatre and the Peterson House. The presidential box is preserved beautifully and what an amazing feeling to be sitting in the middle of where history was made. The Peterson House was pretty great to see with the actual location where Lincoln died, however the bed was moved to a museum in Chicago. Next was the International Spy Museum where we tested our spy skills. I assumed the identity of Ms. Schmidt and was travelling to London on business to gather data. I was born in Germany and was an astronomer. I passed all of my tests (much to my surprise) and was given a commendation by the agency. Go me! Perhaps I should consider a different career path??

We took a walking tour of historic Alexandria by a period-dressed man who was quite entertaining. We then ate at Gadsby's where George Washington ate and spent many hours working while he was president. It is the oldest working restaurant and has been in business since the 1700's. It was a great meal and we learned a lot too!

Thank you for tuning in and check again tomorrow! Thank you for your support. We could not have done this without your help! Pray for good weather and safety.

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